Investment & Consulting

Eureka invests in new businesses with innovative concepts and technologies, as well as established businesses seeking rapid growth. In most occasions, Eureka plays an active role in the management and the development of its Portfolio Companies, adding our team’s experience, knowledge, expertise and connections in the respective industry.

Eureka also provides independent consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. The result of our collaborative effort builds a foundation for strategic growth.

The team’s combined skill set makes us experts in the following areas:

  • Research & Analysis on Market, Industry and Competition
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • Pricing and Revenue Optimization
  • Legal Advice and Services
  • Marketing and Branding Strategy & Services
  • Financial Modeling & Capital Planning Analysis
  • Interim Financial Management
  • Capital Raising Strategy & Execution
  • Investor Relations Development
  • Client Relations Development
  • Acquisition Strategy & Execution
  • Online Marketing, Advertising & Community Management
  • Social Media Development & Management
  • PPC advertising, Google Adwords & Google Analytics
  • Website Development & Analytics
  • Behavioral Targeting & Consumer Insights
  • Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorship Programs and Strategic Partnerships